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Ross Morrison Electrical is a full-service electrical contractor, specializing in BC’s industrial and commercial sectors. Our projects vary from single service calls to multi-million-dollar electrical installations.

Our expertise ranges from lighting and fire alarm systems to substations and power plants. We have deep experience in a broad range of industries, including petrochemicals, water and wastewater, transportation, energy and utilities, chemical processing plants, and bulk product handling.

Over 90% of our work is repeat business – a testament to our hard work, dedication to our customers and commitment to developing the highest-qualified workers in the industry.


Other Projects

RME has completed too many projects to count over the past 50 years. Here are a few, select projects from the past two decades.

  • Northwest Langley Wastewater Treatment Plant 25KV Substation Replacement
  • Biogas Cleanup Project at Lulu Island Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant Stage 5 IPS Expansion
  • Chemtrade Acid Growth Towers 1,2,3
  • Chemtarde Caustic Modernization Project
  • Richardson 69kv Substation Replacement
  • Canexus Chemicals Acid Growth Tower II
  • Weldwood Plywood Installation of 69KV Substation – New Sawmill Project
  • Terminal Forest Products: New Log Merchandizer and Equipment
  • ALCAN: Supply PLC Cabinets for Liquid Pitch Project
  • Select Fluid Power: 15 kV Service With 2500 kVA Transformer, Power Distribution. Chroming Facility Wiring, Rectifiers , Lathe & Equipment
  • Esso: HFO Unloading Heat Trace Replacement
  • University of British Columbia: Buchanan Tower Service Change, Woodward Library 12 kV Substation Installation
  • Telus, Mission: Main Distribution & Panel Replacement, New Transformers and Panels Added
  • Telus, Nanaimo: Upgrades to Service Equipment
  • MacMillan Bloedel Ltd: Installation of Pre-Shutdown Work For #5 Paper Machine GEN Project
  • TELUS, Chilliwack: Main Distribution , Panel & Transformer Replacement
  • Chevron Refinery: South Side Infrastructure, Dual 60 KVA UPS, K2 – DCS Room, DUCT Bank and COB SIS WiringAinsworth Lumber: Install Double Length Canter Twin, Step Feeder, Relocate Chip and Saw Booth, Install New VDA, Edger Optimizer
  • Ainsworth Lumber: Install Double Length Canter Twin, Step Feeder, Relocate Chip and Saw Booth, Install New VDA, Edger Optimizer
  • Ainsworth Lumber: Install New Feeder Power and Controls, New Pine Deck Barker and In-feed Deck Projec
  • SIS Rheni Upgrade
  • Granville Bridge Rehabilitation
  • Stewardson Way Pedestrian Overpass
  • Salton Road Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge
  • Metrotown Pedestrian Walkway
  • Parkland Refinery
  • ERCO Worldwide Rectifier Replacement Project
  • Metro Vancouver MCC and Transformer Replacement MCC 80-019-029 & T-80-19
  • Metro Vancouver Digester 4 and Sodium SBS Project
  • Telus, Castlegar: Upgrades to Service Equipment
  • Petro Canada: Ethanal and Railcar Loading Facility
  • Rogers Sugar: MCC Upgrade
  • LNS Services: Trev Deeley Motorcycles
  • Field Sawmills: Sorter/Stacker Installation
  • Kinder Morgan: Mount Milligan
  • Molicel Ultra-High Power Cell Maker: New Battery Line
  • Terminal Forest Products – Langdale Division: Installation of Recycler and 2 X 400 HP Chipper
  • Telus, Houston: Upgrades to Service Equipment
  • YVR: Pier B High Mast Lighting
  • Richardson International: PECO 2 Ship Loader
  • Howe Sound Pulp and Paper: O2D Project. Install Instrumentation and Power Wiring, 2400V Pumps
  • Telus, Cranbrook: Upgrades to Service Equipment
  • Seaspan: Power Distribution. Substation #4 AND Substation #5 and Underground Feeders
  • Harvest Power: Richmond Biogas
  • Terminal Forest Products, Mainland Sawmill: Repairs to Fire Damage, Mill and Equipment