Fast, Accurate and Transparent

Having accurate estimates combined with transparent pricing builds trust with our clients that our competitors can’t match.

We combine our extensive knowledge of electrical systems with sophisticated estimating software to provide accurate and reliable estimates. Our estimating staff uses its considerable engineering knowledge to ensure that all necessary materials are included on the estimate.

We pride ourselves on having no surprises in our estimates. We provide accurate, computer-based estimates using our experience, local knowledge, and historical database containing over 60,000 electrical assemblies and components. With this information, and the assistance of our valued suppliers, we can deliver estimates accurately and quickly.

A: Fixed Lump Sum Quotations

Our estimating department has many years of experience in all phases of electrical construction and estimating.

We use the Accubid computer aided estimating system, which is designed to assist in providing our customers with accurate, competitive electrical estimates.

B: Time and material Quotations

When it is difficult to determine the exact scope of the project, or time is not sufficient to complete a detailed estimate, many of our clients choose the time and material approach.

We quote the client our hourly labour rates and supply them with a labour summary showing the employee, day and hours worked. We also supply detailed material sheets showing all the applicable materials used on the project.

C: Fixed Fee Proposals

A cost-plus fixed fee proposal is when the client reimburses us for the actual cost of labour, material and related expenses. Our overhead and profit are then based upon a predetermined fixed fee.

This method of construction allows the client complete flexibility and allows them to proceed with the project prior to final design.

In conjunction with the fixed fee proposal, we prepare an electrical budget for clients, taking into consideration their specific requirements. These budgets are often used for the procurement of funding and later form the basis for installation under a cost-plus fixed fee contract.