Oil and Gas

Every detail is critical in the oil and gas industry. Just one minute of downtime could cost millions, and any safety mistake could cost lives. You need an electrical contractor they you can trust to keep the plant producing – safe, reliable and effective.

Our electricians are the best in the industry. They are educated in a culture and a set of operational guidelines that both prevent mistakes, and get the job done quickly. This kind of expertise can only be developed by being fully immersed in the oil and gas industry, and we’ve been in it for 50 years.

We deliver projects on-time, on-budget, and with unrivaled quality. And our ability for on and off-site fabrication allows us to be nimble, flexible and fast. Our clients have zero room for error. They only trust the best.

Here are a few oil and gas clients that trust Ross Morrison Electrical.

Chemical Processing

In the chemical processing industry, every equipment connection is vital to the overall efficiency of your plant. Not to mention the fact that these kinds of facilities produce materials the must be handled, stored and produced carefully, and to exacting standards.

The highly specialized machines used within the chemical processing industry require unique electrical contracting solutions. Ross Morrison Electrical has the necessary expertise and is intimately familiar with the highly specialized installation methods within the chemical processing industry.

Our industrial electrical contracting is done by some of the best electricians in BC. And we provide 24/7 electrical services so that any downtime is minimized, and your production line does what it was designed to do – produce chemicals.

Our chemical processing clients include.

Food and Beverage

We understand that keeping your food processing plant operational is critical to your bottom line. Our ability to work in an operational plant with open conveyors and moving products means that you don’t experience any downtime as a result of our work. With demanding safety regulations often required for working in food production plants, our safety conscious staff ensures that all work is carried out with the utmost care and safety.

We have both the experience, expertise, and large work force necessary to meet virtually any electrical project in the food processing industry – regardless of scale or complexity. Our team has extensive experience installing, upgrading, and replacing the electrical, security, and network systems for clients in the food and beverage industry.

The food industry is heavily regulated, and you need an electrical contractor that understands these complexities. We maintain the highest standards in upholding our customers cleanliness and complying with government regulations.

We work in various food process plants, performing industrial control installations, clean room work and controlled retrofits. And we have 24/7 service available to ensure timely operation and repairs for facilities that operate around the clock.

Our completed projects in food processing include meat and poultry, dairy, baking, alcoholic beverages, frozen foods, and packaged foods.

Here are a few food and beverage clients that trust Ross Morrison Electrical.


Telecommunications is an industry with very specific needs that only industry-experienced electricians can handle. You need someone you can trust, that is fully accredited and someone that has relevant expertise. Your network is too important to trust with an inexperienced contractor.

We specialise in fibre and data cabling and work throughout the Lower Mainland. Our dedicated team of commercial electricians offer full scope data, network and fibre optic cabling services, including ongoing maintenance and support.

Our knowledge of industry regulations and specific processes allows us to price the work, and plan accordingly, to ensure that your project will be completed on time, and in compliance with all electrical industry standards.

We take a ‘no surprises’ approach when submitting quotations for telecommunications projects. Our estimators can read and interpret telecommunications network drawings and assess for potential errors, faults or obstacles. This experience is something that sets us apart from our competition.

Here are a few telecommunication clients that trust Ross Morrison Electrical.

Transportation Infrastructure

We pride ourselves on being a reliable ally in the massive projects to build, modernize and expand transportation networks throughout British Columbia. With commercial and municipal clients, we have completed critical projects to keep our Province moving forward.

We secure, improve, and expand your transportation infrastructure, while keeping your passengers and staff safe. We do all this with little or no disruption to your everyday operations.

With over 50 years of lessons learned, and ongoing improvement programs, we deliver a level of service unequalled by other contractors.

One of the reasons why our transportation clients love us is because we’ve made customer service one of our biggest priorities. This is rare in the construction and trades. It has given our clients direct access to all levels of management, so our client’s needs are addressed, and problems get solved—immediately.

Within transportation, we provide electrical contracting services for ship loaders, ship unloaders, railcar dumpers, air facilities, runway lighting and transit trolley rectifier stations.

Here are a few transportation clients that trust Ross Morrison Electrical.

Energy and Utilities

Our electrical contractors have worked to engineer, construct, retrofit and maintain virtually every type of power plant, as well as the systems that transmit and distribute electricity.

We partner with electrical utilities, municipalities, businesses and developers throughout BC to provide electricity solutions to meet their construction, installation and maintenance needs. Our electricians are fully trained and highly experienced in 69 kV substations. We have expertise in hydroelectric power-generating facilities, including run-of-river projects.

Ross Morrison currently work with some of the largest utilities in Canada like BC Hydro and Fortis BC.

Some of the energy and utility clients that trust Ross Morrison Electrical include:


Forestry is where it all started with us. We’ve been loyal to our roots. We’ve been in this industry for 50 years and we plan to be in it for 50 more.

Our expertise lies in the ability to facilitate the start-up, shutdown, maintenance and automation programs in all types of forestry production plants. This includes the installation of new sawmills, new machine centres, and continually supply full-service maintenance.

Water and Wastewater

We provide electrical construction, maintenance, testing and commissioning services to water and wastewater treatment facilities throughout BC. As society becomes more environmentally conscious, government regulations increase. And more stringent water quality standards force water and wastewater companies to invest in new treatment technologies and processes.

We’re your go-to contractor for all these evolving demands. From plant repairs and upgrading instrumentation and controls to installations of new pumping stations and digesters, our knowledge and experience ensures projects are completed on time and on budget.

We install SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) for monitoring remote facilities such as pumping stations and lift stations.

Here are a few water and wastewater clients that trust Ross Morrison Electrical.